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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we address common questions and concerns that you may have.

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Why was Excel chosen as the development platform?

Excel was chosen for three reasons:

  • Excel is what our users prefer, and, it does not put reliance on the IT department to “fix” a problem, should one occur.

  • Excel is a powerful underutilized platform and BudgeTools uses it effectively.

  • Due to the flexibility of Excel, we can respond quickly to evolving needs.

Is it hard to maintain an Excel based application?

The simple answer is no! BudgeTools is different from most Excel applications in that all user data is stored separately from the application. This allows us to distribute updated versions of the application with relative ease.

Does BudgeTools offer a cloud based solution?

BudgeTools offers an option to store and manage all data in the cloud. An individual user can access BudgeTools data from the cloud. Management companies can access all their hotels data from the cloud and control which users have access to the data. The BudgeTools application is distributed via the cloud, so all users are always using the latest version.

It should be noted that the actual processing of data still takes place on the PC. The advantage to this approach is that it allows users to work ‘off-line’ if needed.

How much does BudgeTools cost?

BudgeTools is sold as an annual license. The license includes maintenance, training, support and upgrades. The ‘rack’ rate for the annual license is $2000. Group rates apply where applicable.

Is it typical to have more than one BudgeTools user per hotel?

Generally, there is one user per 500 rooms.

Can BudgeTools Be Used For More Than One Hotel?

Yes, a single copy of BudgeTools can be configured for up to 250 hotels.

How Many Hotels Use BudgeTools?

Yes, a single copy of BudgeTools can be configured for up to 250 hotels.

Does BudgeTools Provide Any Sample Reports I can Download?

Yes, we’d love you take a look at our reports. Please just click here to download our samples.

How Can I FInd Out If BudgeTools Is Right For Me?

Just click here and watch our short demo video about how BudgeTools works!

I've Watched The Video And Have Some Questions - How Do I Contact Someone?

Fantastic! Watching the video is the first step in understanding BudgeTools! To set up an appointment with us, just CLICK HERE and fill out our contact form. We will be in touch within 24 hours. Or, you can call us at 805-376-8090.