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I have had the opportunity to work with BudgeTools PDA product for many years. I have found it to be easy to use and an incredible tracking and reporting tool. I discovered during a few years using another method recently that I greatly missed my PDA and am so happy to be using it again. The reports are ideal for presenting the most detailed information to corporate or a great overview for a line associate. The easy to use Big Gun method of revising your budget cannot receive enough praise. Every time you get the instruction to increase rate by 1% and drop occupancy by .05% for the year takes hours of tedious work in some other tools, but here it’s only seconds. Move discount to retail? Just a few clicks in the year builder or month builder and you’re set to present. Thanks to Matt, much of the pain is taken out of both budget season and monthly forecasting.”

KELLY R. Director of Revenue

“I have been using BudgeTools with my company for the past 9+ years. It is an excellent tool to forecast your revenue. The enhancements have been great and the tool is quite accomplished. I recently switched companies and decided right away to call BudgeTools to get the software. My new team was immediately impressed. There are many options and I would highly recommend it for any company.”

Brad M. Director of Revenue Management

“We use BudgeTools daily and in today’s chaotic world of hotel revenue management and the various systems we interact with, BudgeTools remains simple, effective, and efficient. During budget season, it becomes an even more invaluable tool in flowing down changes on an annual level to months and even days by segment. Anyone who has created a budget manually in Excel knows what a time saver BudgeTools is. Whenever we’ve encountered any setup challenges or issues that stem from Excel, Matt Hurley himself has provided prompt and excellent service that has always resolved our situation.”

Kyu Z. Revenue Manager

“BudgeTools provides both quick and relevant insight in a consistent format, while allowing me to standardize the dissemination of information to key stakeholders. With robust reporting solutions and timely support, I've found that BudgeTools substantially increases my ability to make revenue generating decisions.”

Ronald K. Director of Profit Optimization

“BudgeTools is an extremely easy to use and detailed system. I worked with it at multiple companies, and the system helped us greatly improve our forecasting accuracy. The enhancements that Matt has made over the years, making it more automated and user friendly, have been fantastic. As a support, Matt is always available and quick to respond.”

Michael B. Regional Director of Revenue Management

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