BudgeTools Makes Rooms Forecasting Easy!


Rooms forecasting and budgeting are the backbone of every hotel. Spending hours crunching numbers is a time suck and not always productive, especially if, upon presentation of the forecast, the Executive Committee wants just two cents more in average rate or 200 more rooms in Transient. The whole process starts over, fraught with spreadsheets and late hours.

BudgeTools offers more:

  • Accuracy

  • Efficiency

  • Compatibility

  • Responsiveness

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Shares Data - Import & Export

One of the most time-saving aspects of BudgeTools is the program’s ability to import data from most Property Management Systems, Financial Systems, Group Booking and Reservations…


Collaborative Team Approach

One person rarely creates a budget in a vacuum. There are always many members of the Executive team who have input. BudgeTools encourages an inclusive approach to forecasting, due to…



The ability to change a number; be it rooms or average rate, and have the entire forecast adjust itself accordingly or “rolldown” within each day and market segment is what sets BudgeTools apart from other forecasting programs.The Rolldown allowsthe forecaster to modify sub totals for….