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How Does BudgeTools Impact the IT Department?

BudgeTools is a MS Excel application. It requires Excel 2007 or higher. 

BudgeTools is different from most Excel applications in that the data is stored separately from the application workbooks. All BudgeTools installations use copies of the same application workbooks. The data; budgets, forecasts and configuration values which are unique to each hotel are stored in data files that are separate from the application workbooks.

Adherence to this standard data processing principle, separating the data from the application, eliminates many of the maintenance issues associated with Excel based applications. It also allows BudgeTools to easily share data with other applications.

One of the features that our users like is the fact that, because we use Excel as a platform, we minimize the impact on your IT department.

As long as the PC is reasonably up to date and maintained, BudgeTools will run without any involvement from IT. 

This Is An Overview Of How The Rolldown Is Calculated

Some revenue managers and hotel executives are interested in the detail behind exactly how the Rolldown is calculated. Watch video below for a complete explanation of how we calculate the Rolldown.