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Meet the Founder


Greetings! I’m Matt Hurley, the Founder and CEO of BudgeTools. I began my career in the hotel industry in 1982, working as a Management Trainee. My first position was in the IT department at The ITT Sheraton in Seattle, Washington. During my tenure in Seattle I established a reputation as someone who was good at extracting data from the PMS and putting it into useful reports.

In the late 1980’s, that led to a position on the team that developed Sheraton’s first Revenue Management System. From there, I was selected as the first ever Revenue Manager for Sheraton when I was on the opening team of the Dolphin Hotel in Orlando, FL.

Living in the hot and humid Florida weather was not exactly my cup of tea, since I am a native Vermonter. Luckily, I met my wife, who was also in the hotel industry at the time, and in 1990, when she was promoted to a position at a famous hotel in New York City, I went along.

Due to my contacts with Sheraton, and, with a little help from my friends, I worked for two years as a Systems Analyst for the New York Sheraton, in midtown Manhattan. That got old real quick, as I commuted every day, so I decided to go it on my own and founded my first company, Market Analysis Tool Company (MATco). I specialized in extracting data from property management systems for data analysis.

Nine years later, in 2002, I founded Budgetools, LLC, based on my best-selling product - my Rooms Forecasting Program, which you can read more about here.

I have traveled the world for business, but my favorite trips were to China and Kazakhstan when my wife and I adopted our two daughters in 1995 and 2003.

We have called Southern California home since 2001. When I’m not working, I hike and bike in the Santa Monica Mountains and play tennis regularly. In the past three years I have also traveled to the Grand Canyon, Zion, Mt. Whitney and, in September of 2017, to Peru to hike Machu Picchu.

The exciting and most recent development with BudgeTools occurred in October of 2017, when my wife finally agreed to join me in the business as the Chief Marketing Officer. Her expertise in the hotel industry, combined with her over a decade of digital marketing experience, will prove to be a great addition to BudgeTools.